Proudly Progressive

We're for a fairer, more equitable world

Do Gooder is for positive people who want to make a difference to environmental causes, community issues, social injustice you know the sort of thing! It's definitely not for things in the No Good list. Sorry, but we did call it "Do Gooder" for a reason.


  • the protection of natural systems, flora and fauna
  • promotion of renewable energy, energy efficiency and the de-carbonisation of the economy
  • opposition to uranium mining and nuclear power
  • natural resource conservation
  • LGBTQI rights
  • support for re-localisation
  • social, gender, racial equality
  • creativity in schools and society
  • universal health care
  • a living wage and fair rights for workers everywhere
  • human rights
  • freedom of speech and freedom of the press
  • anti-corruption
  • eradication of poverty
  • participatory democracy
  • support for refugees and opposition to mandatory detention of asylum seekers
  • indigenous rights
  • support for the arts

No good

  • promoting consumerism
  • promoting hatred, racial or gender vilification
  • promoting fossil fuel mining or usage
  • genetic modification of living organisms
  • factory farming and petrochemical reliant distributoin of food
  • right-wing conservative political views
  • selling anything (except good ideas) to minors (under 16)
  • promoting mining and industries that damage the planet for profit
  • pretty much all the opposites of the things in the good list

A better world is here. It's just not evenly distributed (yet).