Campaign Promotions

Acquire new supporters through our campaign network.

Promote your campaign to like-minded people through our campaign network.

High conversion rates

Starting at 0.50USD

Instantly sync new supporters

Campaign promotions are an easy way for you to acquire supporters whilst amplifying the impact of your campaign. Promotions take seconds to set up and display your message after people take action on other campaigns on the Do Gooder platform.

Low cost, simple list building

Choose your target geographic region, issue filter and the maximum price per supporter you are happy to pay. Then set your total budget and deadline and you are good to grow! Your promo is displayed when your criteria and maximum price are higher than others.

You only pay per acquisition and you can upload your own list to ensure supporters are new and you have complete real-time control over your settings.

Supporters you acquire can be synced automatically with NationBuilder or downloaded via your campaign dashboard into other systems. a

* Promotions always appear on the completion pages of campaigns running on our lower cost good and gooder plans.

Low cost, simple list building

Promotion auction

Your bid starts at the lowest price available, competing with any other eligible promos from other cammpaigners. The most you pay is determined by the highest bid from other campaigns and if they are higher than your max bid your promo will not display.

We ramp up your bid to meet your goals but do not overspend or break your max bid budget. The end result is you pay the lowest possible price for new supporters while ensuring you have the best chance of meeting your quota targets.

Promotion auction

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