How can I do good?

Do Good
1. Act virtuously, especially by helping others.
2. Make a helpful contribution to a situation.
- Oxford Dictionaries

In modern life we all strive to do good, but often struggle to feel like we're making a proper contribution to our communities. Here at Do Gooder we're committed to helping to promote change for the better, wether that is driven by large nonprofits or a single activist. We provide tools and services to enable change through connecting people with shared ideas and values, and driving forward common goals to help local communities. Over the years we've worked on thousands of campaigns, and here are a few tips we've discovered that can help you do good.

1. Find an issue close to you heart

The only way you'll be able to do good is to find an issue you care about. We have hundreds of active campaigns on our site covering a range of topics our members feel passionate about, so dive in and find one you think will be helpful. Alternatively, if you have an issue that affects your community then speak to us about ways we can provide the help you need to drive change.

2. Create a network

Once you've identified an issue, it's time to create a network. Utilise social media and local outlets to find other passionate people in your community willing to contribute. It doesn't have to be a monetary contribution, sometimes all it takes is a signature to help make the world a better place. We've been building our action network for years, connecting people and communities to help promote change.

3. Use your network

Now you've built a network, it's time to use them to do good. Create an action plan for tackling your issues and encourage your network contact your local representative to help enact the change you're looking for. Small contributions, such as an email or a phone call, can go a long way to a better, happier community.

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Do Gooder provides a range of products and services that can help you to do good:

Email deliverability

We work hard to ensure your supporter emails get through to their intended target utilising a mix of human oversight and automated systems.

Campaign Promotions

Grow your list by promoting your campaign to like-minded people through our campaign network. You only pay for new supporters at a low flat rate per acquisition.

Embed + Sync

Embedding our tools into your own site is easy as cut and paste. You can plug our action forms into most major platforms and export your data or sync with NationBuilder in real-time.

So social

Embed your actions directly within Facebook or add Facebook comments to your Do Gooder site to crank up the conversation while increasing the social reach of your campaign.

Add pages

Do Gooder is more than just campaign actions — you can create a whole website around the issue you care about. Add pages with images, video and other content to engage your audience.

Real-time stats

Monitor your campaigns performance in real-time on your dashboard. See when and where action is taken, compare conversion rates and adjust your campaign on the fly for maximum impact.

Campaign in 10 languages

Create multi-lingual campaigns in up to ten languages including English, Indonesian, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Continental and Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, and Spanish.

Privacy by Design

Privacy is baked into Do Gooders’ progressive core, ensuring that your data and that of your supporters is respected and protected. We comply and enforce the EU’s GDPR rules and go further, offering strong privacy features defaulted for the rest of the world to encourage best practise globally.

Optimised for all devices

Designed to be device independent to maximise conversion rates on desktop, mobile and tablets.

Custom branding

Quickly theme your campaigns or embedded actions to match your brand inc. colour, logo and image, your own domain and custom CSS.

Flexible forms

Embeddable forms allow extensive styling, remove fields, edit fields or add extra free-form fields, modify labels and tweak functionality. We even offer a survey tool with unlimited form fields.

Account Dashboard

Agencies and member organisations can manage multiple accounts, allowing you to campaign across geographic and organisational divisions while maintaining a global view and control.

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