Progressive Advocates:
standing up for good people

The team at Do Gooder made the app to support the work of progressive advocates. We believe in the power of people to create a fairer, more equitable world, through progressive actions.

Do Gooder is for activists who are campaigning for progressive issues. If you find something you like then we recommend you try one of the politics agnostic platforms, we're for the good people exclusively.

What is a progressive advocate?

A progressive advocate can be a single person or a even a whole organization that is dedicated to lobbying on behalf of issues and causes that uphold the dignity and common rights of people.

Do Gooder has created a guideline for what we consider to be progressive issues.

Examples of progressive advocates

Here is a list of progressive advocates using the Do Gooder platform to champion their cause.

Protection of Natural Systems, Flora and Fauna

Los Cedros Biological Preserve

In 2012, the fundraising target for John Seed’s work in Los Cedros Biological Preserve (Ecuador). John used the Do Gooder platform to raise the money to ensure the continuation of monitoring and reporting activities in this incredible natural sanctuary.

Bears Ears National Monument in Utah, USA

In 2016, Backed by eight separate Do Gooder email and petition actions over a year and a half, Friends of Cedar Mesa and the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition – an unprecedented alliance of Navajo, Ute, Hopi and Zuni leaders – harnessed the power of 39,732 people to target Congress and President Obama himself. Read the campaign debrief on the Do Gooder blog.

Opposition to fossil fuel mining

Lock The Gate Our Land, Our Water, Our Future Two Do Gooder campaign teams (Our Land Our Water, Our Future and Lock the Gate) were behind the victory over fracking and the expansion of Coal Seam Gas into Australia’s Hunter Valley. Both campaigns have run multiple email campaigns, call-ins and embedded actions from the Do Gooder App within their own sites and deployed rapid-response micro-sites to great effect.

Social, gender, racial equality

Women’s March

The Women’s March was first organised to coincide with Donald Trump’s first day as President is estimated to have drawn 500,000-1,000,000 participants in Washington DC – compared to an estimated 160,000 people for the Trump inauguration.

Do Gooder shared their Visual Petition Action Tool for participants of the Womens March to share their experience visually with people around the world. Estimates for international participation in the Womens March are between 3.5-5 million.

The Visual Petition Action Tool connects us more visually to our human story. It allows your supporters to easily upload a photo or video from their mobile or desktop, leveraging the power of human expression to engage both the supporter and the target in a far more emotive manner. See our blog post about the Women’s March.

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Check out some of the features available in the Do Gooder App.

Email deliverability

We work hard to ensure your supporter emails get through to their intended target utilising a mix of human oversight and automated systems.

Campaign Promotions

Grow your list by promoting your campaign to like-minded people through our campaign network. You only pay for new supporters at the lowest bid per acquisition.

Embed + Sync

Embedding our tools into your own site is easy as cut and paste. You can plug our action forms into most major platforms and export your data or sync with NationBuilder in real-time. Sync with other platforms via our API.

So social

Embed your actions directly within Facebook, add Facebook comments to your microsite, flexible sharing options including Twitter, Email and Facebook to amplify the reach of your campaign.

Add pages

Do Gooder is more than just campaign actions — you can create a whole website around the issue you care about. Add pages with images, video and other content to engage your audience.

Real-time stats

Monitor your campaigns performance in real-time on your dashboard. See when and where action is taken, compare conversion rates and adjust your campaign on the fly for maximum impact.

Campaign in any language

Create multi-lingual campaigns in any language, with ten languages supported natively; English, Indonesian, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Continental and Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, and Spanish.

Privacy by Design

Privacy is baked into Do Gooders’ progressive core, ensuring that your data and that of your supporters is respected and protected. We comply and enforce the EU’s GDPR rules and go further, offering strong privacy features defaulted for the rest of the world to encourage best practice globally.

Optimised for all people & devices

We treat accessibility as table stakes, ensuring everyone can participate in the change that needs to happen. That also means we design to be device independent to maximise conversion rates on desktop, mobile and tablets.

Custom branding

Quickly theme your campaigns or embedded actions to match your brand inc. colour, logo and image. Pro users can use their own domain and custom CSS.

Flexible forms

Embeddable forms allow extensive styling, flexible fields, modifiable labels and tweakable functionality. In fact you can build any form with our survey tool.

Account Dashboard

Agencies and member organisations can manage multiple accounts, allowing you to campaign across geographic and organisational divisions while maintaining a global view and control.

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