Social Advocacy

What is Social Advocacy?

The ideas behind social advocacy relate to social justice: that idea that there is value to the society as a whole when that society defends and upholds the rights of people in the community who are not afforded the same dignity due to disadvantage or discrimination. The themes that relate to social advocacy may include:

  • civil rights
  • individual rights
  • community building
  • communication and awareness
  • human rights violations

What are the goals of Social Advocacy?

  • Promote social inclusion
  • Encourage social change
  • Empower people to exercise rights their and influence decisions, liberation of people to enhance well-being.
  • Promote equality, justice and fairness

Three aspects of social advocacy

  • Social change - working to influence educators and policymakers.
  • Problem solving processes - help and advise affected parties about the resources and strategies they can use to managing their ordeals.
  • Empowerment and liberation - encouraging people and their carers to take action to affect change.

See Effective Advocacy in Social Work (2013) for further reading.

Social Advocacy Groups

What is a social advocacy organization?

Any organization that is conducting community awareness activities related to the above points can be considered a social advocacy organization.

The objective of a social advocacy organization is to support the legal and natural rights of those who cannot defend themselves, as a means to achieving social justice. Often the matter of upholding rights is on behalf of all people, for example: instances where common resources are exploited or damaged by a few select interests, without fair compensation to the people or resources that are to be exploited. Environmental preservation, pollution reduction and migrant labor issues qualify within this definition.

Examples of social advocacy groups

Listed below are examples of some well known US-based social advocacy groups.

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